‘The Register Is Not Soundproof’: Starbucks Worker Says She Overheard Customers Making Fun Of Her Appearance

A Starbucks worker took to TikTok to address customers making fun of her appearance, asserting “the register is not sound proof” in an effort to inspire people to be better.

The video came from Los Angeles-based TikToker Blanca (@blnncaa), who posted it to the platform a week ago. It has gathered more than 286,000 views since it first went up.

“I’m just trying to take people’s orders and do my job. Stop trying to be a bully,” Blanca wrote in the caption. We are too old for that & it’s weird.”

In the video itself, the creator is wearing her Starbucks uniform with an on-screen caption that reads, “The register is not sound proof. I can hear y’all making fun of my appearance and giggling.”

In response to a commenter who observed, “But ur so pretty I’m confused,” the creator elaborated on the video’s backstory. “Today two girls came up to the register n started giggling and tell each other ‘omg she’s so scary!!’ ‘right?? omg,'” Blanca wrote.

If the episode made Blanca insecure about her appearance, many commenters came in to compliment and reassure her otherwise.

“It’s because you intimidate them 100% I promise,” one commenter opined. “You are gorgeous and they don’t know how to act around you so they automatically get defensive.”

Another asked, “What’s wrong with your appearance? You look beautiful. If anything, they just jealous. Always notice the pretty quiet girl get pick[ed] on the most at work.”

“I don’t understand why,” another commenter remarked. “You’re soo beautiful. They don’t deserve to occupy space in your mind. Haters never have anything nice to say so forget them.”

A few female workers jumped in to report similar unwarranted treatment from customers.

“I worked the register at Chipotle,” said one in solidarity. “Two grown girls were whispering and making fun of my height (I’m 6’1).”

“When I worked for CFA,” said another, “the uniform pants looked horrible on me & when I turned around to get someone’s drink I could hear them giggling w their friend.”

One suggested bad customer service as a revenge strategy for such treatment. “When this would happen to me, I would just make the drinks bad and have them come back and still make it bad,” they wrote.

Another pledged allegiance to the TikToker, simply saying, “I will throw hands for you.”

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