Sister Comes Home To Blood & Signs Of Struggle, Calls Cops Who Say Ex-Husband Is To Blame

It has to feel like a nightmare coming to life for a family when they discover that one of their own has mysteriously gone missing.
Inside Edition reports on a mother of two who was reported missing by her sister who returned home to their shared residence to find signs of a struggle and blood, with her sister nowhere to be found.

Approximately a week later, Rachel Castillo, a California mother of two who lived in Simi Valley, was found dead. Her ex-husband, 25-year-old Zarbab Ali, has been arrested and charged with murder.

The Castillo family divulged to ABC News affiliate KABC that Rachel had dropped off her children at their father’s place on Thursday morning, prior to her disappearance. A lot of her personal belongings, including her phone and vehicle, were still at home.

“This investigation has rapidly evolved. This case is still under investigation and some details cannot be released due to legal and investigative reasons,” police told KABC.

According to the authorities, after an intense search and investigation, they discovered Rachel’s body in a remote location in Antelope Valley, California.

Rachel Castillo left behind two children who now have to go through life without their beloved and dedicated mom by their side.

"She loved them so much," the victim’s mother, Robyn Castillo, explained. "They were her world. She just did everything she could for them."

Zarbab Ali is being held on $510,000 bond and it’s reported that their two children are being cared for by Rachel’s family.

“I just want [the kids] to remember that she loved them and that she’s with them in spirit,” Rachel’s mother told the news outlet.

To learn more about this homicide case, watch the full video from Inside Edition.

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