Single Mom's Bank Account Drained After 7-year-old Spends $897 On Gaming App

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A seven-year-old has emptied his mother's bank account and put it into an overdraft after spending $897 on a Roblox.

Gaming microtransactions seem to be unavoidable nowadays, with video games not simply being games anymore, but a store where you can purchase more content.

Season passes are all the rage with hit games like Call Of Duty and Fortnite using the system which adds a monthly subscription to the game that allows the player to unlock more content like character customization.

Most gaming systems allow the user to upload a credit or debit card to enable quick transactions whenever necessary without much security - and one mother has fallen foul of this as her child emptied her bank.
Roblox is an online gaming app. Credit: Wachiwit / Alamy
Kayla Howard works two jobs to support her four children as a single mother, so every cent is vital in supporting the lively household.

In a report by 12 News, Howard revealed that her kids love the gaming app Roblox, and it helps keep them entertained while she does jobs around the house.

Roblox is an online platform that allows users to develop and play games, and also buy additional character customization content as well as additional games.

Last weekend as Howard was at home with her seven-year-old son playing Roblox, she got a call from her bank revealing some devastating news.

Her account had been charged $897 by Roblox and it had put her account into an overdraft right before Christmas.

The money was intended for the upcoming festive celebrations as well as gifts, but more importantly, it was also going to be used for rent.

Howard reached out to the Google store where the transactions had taken place, and they refunded her just $10 of the total amount that had been spent.

She later filed a claim with Roblox directly, and they are currently investigating the transactions. As cited by the news outlet, a spokesperson said that they investigate each claim on a case-by-case basis.
Roblox allows micro transactions. Credit: opturadesign / Alamy
Howard said that she remained calm after the initial phone call and wanted to stay as solution-focused as she possibly could.

She revealed her son has autism and that it's hard for him to recognize the consequences of his actions.

Here's hoping that the money gets refunded and the family has a nice Christmas!

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