‘Please I Can’t Even Find One Right Now’: Mom Says She Had To Get 3 Work From Home Jobs

A woman on TikTok says she has been working three work from home jobs to make ends meet and afford Christmas presents for her kids.

TikTok user Kay (@thtgrlkayy), posted about her situation on Monday. By Tuesday, the video was viral with almost two million views. In the video, Kay throws peace signs at the camera as “Outta There” by Moe plays.

“When you’re 3mo behind on rent, single mom, broke, no [money] for Xmas. So you find 3 WFH jobs & you catch up & your kids have presents under the tree,” Kay writes in the video’s text overlay.

In the caption, Kay adds, “No one could everrr make me feel bad about what I do!! PERIOD. & if you want help or have questions, send me a message! I want everyone to win.”

Kay does not elaborate on what her jobs are. In response to one user asking why people who promote work from home jobs never say what they do, she wrote that she did not specify her jobs because “ppl are mean & hateful on here.” However, she says that anyone with questions is free to send an email to the address in her bio.

While many viewers applauded the mom for her hustle, others questioned her methods, saying they are unable to find work from home opportunities.

“Please i can’t even find one right now,” one viewer commented.

“Meanwhile ive been trying 6 months to get a remote job,” another wrote.

Other moms shared what they did in situations similar to Kay’s.

“Single mommy.. Just got my second one today! Currently looking for my third.. 2023 is definitely a money mission!” one user wrote.

“And this is how i got into adult entertainment,” another shared. “Within a month got caught up on everything and never left my house.”

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