‘Service Fee Isn’t A Gratuity’: Customer Claims Restaurant Tried To ‘Sneak In’ 2 Tips On Bill

In a viral TikTok video, a customer claims that a restaurant tried to “sneak in” two tips on their bill, as they say gratuity had already been charged as a “service fee.”

User George (@nulevelgeorge) shared a recording of his receipt on the platform. A $21 service charge was included in the bill’s subtotal of $127. Several additional “gratuity calculations” are at the bottom of the receipt, suggesting additional tips ranging from 18% to 25% of the subtotal, $22 to $31 respectively.

“Tried to sneak 20% gratuity in as a service fee and then asked for another 20% on top of that total!!!” George wrote in the clip’s text overlay.

The TikToker did not state the restaurant that served him.

“Not around here, partner,” a voice says in the audio, followed by laughter. “Not around here.”

His video has racked up over 323,000 views as of Thursday, resonating with viewers who were outraged by automatic gratuity.

“I’m sick of this ridiculous tipping / service fee crap,” one viewer wrote.

“But if you don’t ‘tip’ then you’re the bad guy. These things are getting ridiculous,” another echoed.

“Not a chance. I decide if I want to tip and how much,” a third said.

However, others disagreed, arguing that the service fee is not a tip given directly to the employees.

“When you don’t tip, do you know the server pays a percentage for that meal to the other workers? Bar/expo/ hostess/bussers?” one claimed.

“Unfortunately the service fee is for the establishment and not the server who took care of you. Not tipping costs the server money,” a second stated.

“The people who complain about tipping are always the ones asking for the most. Stay home if you are cheap or broke,” a third commented.

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