‘I’m Gonna Get So Much Karma For Lying To This Table’: Server Says He Received Nice Note And $500 Tip After Lying To Table To Cover Up His Mistake

A server says he told an elaborate lie to a table to cover up that he forgot to put in a few of the items on their order in a now-viral TikTok storytime.

In the video posted by popular ServerTok creator Dean Redmond (@deanredmonds) on Dec. 25, he says that he was serving a table of 22 during the restaurant’s Christmas Eve brunch in the “back dining room,” which was located down an icy staircase.

“Somehow, I’m so terrible at my job that I forgot to put in four sandwiches, but I obviously can’t go down there and be like, ‘Hey guys, the rest of your food is out, but I actually forgot to put in four sandwiches so just watch them eat,'” Redmond says in the clip. “So I run down the stairs, and I’m like, ‘Guys, I’m so sorry. You know those stairs you just slipped on? The waitress carrying your food fell down all of them and hit her head and is being rushed to the ER.'”

Redmond says the table was concerned for the waitress, who didn’t actually fall down the stairs, and he promised them “updates” on the situation while he took the opportunity to put the missing order in. When he returned to the table with the food, he tells the table that the waitress is “in the ICU.”

“I didn’t know what that meant. I just thought that was a hospital term. Turns out it’s the critical care unit,” Redmond exclaims. “So then I had to keep up that she had a brain bleed.”

Redmond claims that at the end of their meal, the customers left a note that read, “Dear Staff, please do not stress. Things happen. We hope she is OK,” along with a $500 tip.

“I’m not going to be fine after the karma catches up to me! And I didn’t give anyone else any of this tip because I thought that they would expose me,” Redmond says in a panic. “So I’m keeping $500 in cash that is probably supposed to go to this girl who’s in the ICU.”

The video has reached over 20,200 views as of Dec. 26, with viewers applauding him for keeping up the story.

“OMG u r a beast!I could think of the lie but never go through w it bc I couldn’t handle them asking me all the questions that I don’t have answers to,” one user wrote.

“Damnnn you’re good but you’re so bad for this,” another said.

Others warned him that his “digital footprint” might catch up to him before karma does.

“BESTIE, DIGITAL FOOTPRINT,” a commenter said.

“The karma won’t be good my dude,” another wrote.

“You are gonna get such bad karma bestie,” a third added.

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