Worker Says Manager Told Her To Go Home After Finding Her In Her ‘Super Secret Hiding Spot’ After She Was Hiding For 3 Hours

From a McDonald’s worker hiding behind a rack to a Diary Queen employee concealing themselves behind a counter, it seems a new trend of creators sharing themselves hiding on the job has emerged on TikTok. Continuing with this trend, a woman has recently gone viral after her boss found the “super secret hiding spot” where she had been for hours.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user @yagirlneicy. In it, the TikToker sat among stacks of soda bottles and boxes with her legs crossed.

“Manager just found me in the super secret hiding spot I’ve been in for 3hrs and told me to go home,” she wrote in the video’s text overlay.

The video racked up over 167,000 views as of Thursday. In the comments section, many viewers expressed that they could relate to the video.

“This happened to me one time I thought it was over for me,” one user wrote.

“My hiding spot at work was in the back, on the steps across from the walk in fridge,” a second shared. “When the new manager found me I was pissed lol. I still hid tho.”

“My hiding spot was home. Doing remote work sleep when it wasn’t a thing,” another commented.

Some viewers shared what they would’ve done in the TikToker’s situation.

“I would have acted like i passed out,” one viewer wrote.

“When [in] doubt just start crying they won’t know what to do,” a second suggested.

Other viewers users speculated how the TikToker got caught.

“Somebody snitched,” one proposed.

“Your manager was trying to get away lowkey,” a second stated.

“If you only stayed there for 2hrs he wouldn’t have found you,” a third wrote.

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