‘Caps To You’: Internet Torn Over Tale Of McDonald’s Employee Getting Rehired After Quitting Three Times

A McDonald’s employee has gone viral for reportedly being rehired by the popular fast food restaurant after quitting three times.

The video uploaded by TikToker @twinuzienjoyer shows a woman getting into the passenger side of a car. The text overlay reads, “Getting accepted to the same job that she quit for the third time.”

The camera then focuses in on the McDonald’s folder he’s holding, which says, “Welcome to McDonald’s, Great people joining a great team!” A sound from a different clip plays, “It’s official. I am now licensed!” as the woman puts on her seatbelt.

He jokes in the caption, “She is now licensed.”

The video has racked up over 450,000 views as of Friday. It resonated with former McDonald’s workers who shared their experiences of quitting and returning to the fast food chain.

“I quit McDs, went to Starbucks, quit that, and went back to McDs,” one viewer shared.

“I quit McDonald’s, went to another McDonald’s and quit that one, then went back to the 1st McDonalds and quit that one, then went back to the second,” a second wrote.

“Worked McDs 3 times in the span of 2 years, but that’s McDs pay be hitting different,” a third said.

Some former employees couldn’t wrap their minds around returning to the fast food restaurant.

“The best thing I ever did was quit McDonald’s. Worked there for 2 years, NEVER going back,” one commented.

“Caps to you cause once I quit I am DONE,” another said.

Other viewers shared similar experiences at other companies.

“I quit Costco 3 times and the third time my boss literally told me I’ll come back Lmaoo,” one person said.

“I quit Dunkin went to Taco Bell quick went back to Dunkin quit then went to Lowe’s,” wrote another.

“I quit Target, worked at two bookstores, now I’m going back to Target lmao,” a third commented.

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