Incredibly Rare Video Of Moose Shedding Both Its Antlers Leaves Social Media Users Stunned

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An incredibly rare video of a moose shedding both of its antlers has left social media users absolutely stunned.

A family in Alaska caught the stunning moment on their Ring doorbell camera, which recorded the moment a moose walking outside their front door shook its head, causing its antlers to fall off into the snow with a thud. Tyra Bogert and her husband Chance, the pair who captured the clip, have since spoken about witnessing the insane event.

Chance told Newsweek about the occurrence: "I knew it was rare because all my hunting friends said they've never seen it in real life, let alone being caught on video."

The short clip has since been uploaded to TikTok, where it has already received close to three million views!

Check out the incredible moment below:

In the caption, the pair wrote: "Moose shedding BOTH antlers caught on doorbell camera."

Many viewers took to the comments section to comment their surprise, with one person writing: "why did I always think they had to rub on something to make them come off?"

"That was fascinating. How would I have ever seen anything like that if not for your camera. Thank you. Incredible," someone else added.

Another user chimed in: "Am I the only person who didn’t know this was a thing?"

"I never knew this happened. So they grow back bigger and stronger or what?" a further comment read.

Tyra told TODAY that they were surprised that so many people have been left shocked at the clip, telling the outlet: "They're like, 'Oh my gosh, I didn't even know moose did this in the first place and what do you mean?

"They can just shake their head and the antlers fall off? They don't have to be like fighting or scratching a tree?' It's pretty crazy how many people are just uneducated on moose. They're so underrated ...but they're really cool animals."

Newsweek detailed that male moose are the only ones to have antlers and that their growth is regulated by testosterone levels. During winter they shed their antlers and up to 60 pounds of weight to conserve more energy for the season.

As for the Alaskan family who captured the video, they plan on mounting the antlers and keeping them for years to come.

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