Principal Jumps To Death At Disneyland After Leaving Devastating Suicide Note On Social Media

A school principal who jumped to his death at Disneyland had left a note blasting the child endangerment and battery charges against him.

Christopher Christensen, 51, had been the principal at a Huntington Beach elementary school for 22 years. He was also a musician who taught and played throughout California, per the Los Angeles Daily News.

Christensen was due in court on December 5 after being arrested for misdemeanor child endangerment and battery charges - which he highlighted in his final social media post.

His body was found on Saturday (December 3) around 9:00 PM local time after it was reported a man had been seen falling from the Mickey and Friends parking structure. Police ruled that he likely died by suicide.

I hate when people leave this Earth with so many unanswered questions. So, I hope this provides some insight and...

Posted by Chris Christensen on Saturday, December 3, 2022

His note, which he posted on Facebook, began: "I hate when people leave this Earth with so many unanswered questions. So, I hope this provides some insight and perspective."

He shared images of his wife, Marlena, and explained that they had married privately over three years ago. Referencing the charges against him, he explained that he and his wife got into an intense argument two weeks prior.

The argument took place in front of their children, with Christensen explaining that while heated words were exchanged, there was no physical violence. Per the Los Angeles Daily News, he raised two stepchildren and three of his own.

"Never in this exchange did I hit, slap, or hurt Marlena in any manner," Christensen explained. "Nor did I ever touch the girls (I never have and never will). I love the girls like my own and they know that, as does everyone else who truly knows me."

Marlena called the police in a move that Christensen claimed in his note she "truly regrets" because the "events of that night have completely unraveled both of our lives."

He said: "It’s sickening how quickly and easily an innocent man can be thrown in jail based on zero evidence or proof," after he was placed on administrative leave from his job.

He added that he had been destroyed by one unfortunate night and that this post would be his last as he would spend the rest of the day reaching out to those closest to him.

Christensen thanked his musician friends and said he would miss joining them to play music over the holiday season.

He concluded by asking others to be kind to each other, adding that there is too much anger in this world and that people need to treat each other better.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, please reach out for help and contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, text HOME to 741741, or visit

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