Pete Davidson Fired Brutal Joke At Ariana Grande After She Claimed She Only Dated Him As A Distraction

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In what has now become an iconic video on the internet, Pete Davidson decided to hit back at Ariana Grande after she referred to their short-lived engagement as just a mere "distraction." Ouch.

During an intimate interview with Vogue back in 2019, the 29-year-old singer opened up about her relationship with the Saturday Night Live star.

While most of her comments were generally positive - which seems to be a running theme with all of his past lovers - there was one that caught everyone's attention, including the comedian's.

After discussing her unhealthy habits back in Los Angeles, Grande's friends managed to convince her to relocate to New York for a while to help get over her breakup with Mac Miller.
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande were briefly engaged. Credit: UPI / Alamy
And that's when she met Davidson and embarked on a six-month whirlwind romance that saw the two get engaged.

"My friends were like, ‘Come! We’re gonna have a fun summer.’ And then I met Pete, and it was an amazing distraction," she said. "It was frivolous and fun and insane and highly unrealistic, and I loved him, and I didn’t know him. I’m like an infant when it comes to real life and this old soul, been-around-the-block-a-million-times artist.

"I still don’t trust myself with the life stuff," she added.

I mean, that's a little bit dismissive for a man you got engaged to, right?

Well, it seems as though he thought so too, addressing the remarks during his Netflix special, Pete Davidson: Alive From New York.

"I wasn't gonna do jokes about this," he started, "but then my buddy told me, he's like, 'Yo, I've recently heard that Ariana said she had no idea who you were. And she just dated you as a distraction.'

"So now I just think it's like fair game and you're like, 'Pete, this isn't fair. You're like... you're airing out dirty laundry. How could you do that? Why did she say this stuff, to her friends, in the competence of her own home?' the 29-year-old continued.

"No, she said it on the cover of Vogue magazine. Can you imagine if I did that? My career will be over tomorrow."

He then goes on to savagely joke about Grande saying: "If I spray painted myself brown and hopped on the cover of Vogue magazine, and just started sh****** on my ex."

Well, he's probably not far off, to be honest.

"But you imagine if I did that s*** - if I was just like, 'yeah, just f****** her because I was bored, and then Fortnite came out.' That would be insane."

"Again, these are jokes," he humorously clarified. "I don't want any smoke. Okay, my biggest fear is I'm gonna get a shot in the back of the head by like a nine-year-old with a ponytail."

Watch the full clip below:

Of course, fans were loving Davidson's vigor with many commending the funnyman for his jokes about his ex.

"Pete Davidson talking about Ariana Grande and saying “What am I gonna do, spray paint myself brown and hop on the cover of Vogue magazine” DEAD," wrote one user while another added: "Pete Davidson’s jokes about Ariana Grande on his Netflix show have me howling I can’t."

Even though Davidson's stint with Grande was short, clearly it was impactful, with the 'One Last Time' singer praising him as well as his manhood in a now-deleted tweet. Yeah, that quickly became the talk of the town.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson also briefly dated following her split from Kanye West. Credit: UPI / Alamy
Soon after, the comedian went on to date reality star-turned-businesswoman, Kim Kardashian and has now started a new romance with model and podcast host, Emily Ratajkowski.

What a legend.

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