Pearl Harbor Soldier's Remains Found And Returned To Family Decades After His Sacrifice

Almost eight decades after the attack on Pearl Harbor, another brave serviceman's remains have been returned to his family.
The most recent set of remains identified belonged to Navy Seaman 2nd Class Howard S. Magers of Kentucky. The 18-year-old made the ultimate sacrifice and will be honored for doing just that.

Family spokeswoman Paula Ratliff Pedigo revealed that the remains will be buried in a true hero's sendoff over Memorial Day weekend.

"We really wanted to give him a nice homecoming," she told AP.

"He will be given full military honors with a 21-gun salute. It will be a really special day. I'm honored to be working with the family."

New developments in DNA technology have made returning Magers to his family possible. He was identified using dental and anthropological analysis, as well as mitochondrial and autosomal DNA.

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