‘They Charged Her For 4 Tires, And They Only Put 2 New Tires’: Discount Tire Customer Finds Out They Only Got 2 New Tires After Paying $600

A Discount Tire customer is going viral on TikTok after sharing that they came home with only two new tires after paying $600 for a full set.

In the viral video, TikTok user Adrian Peru (@adrian_peru) investigated his girlfriend’s car after she returned from the auto shop. He pointed out the tread on all four tires and determined that only the back two were new.

“They charged her for four tires. She has the receipt,” he said. “And they only put two new tires.”

Peru explained in the caption that his girlfriend did not notice the error until he pointed it out.

Peru went back to the shop the next morning and talked to the man who worked on his girlfriend’s car the day prior. He told the employee that the front tires were not new as the employee inspected the car.

“He was really nice tho and paid us back,” Peru wrote in the video’s text overlay. “They ended up giving her a free set.”

Many users in the comments section were taken aback at the cost of the tires, but not because they found it unreasonable.

“600 for 4 tires? a whole set cost me about 1K,” one user wrote.

“Damn $600 for all 4!! One tire on my car is about $800,” a second commented.

“Dang bro my Michelin pilot 4S were like $400 per tire,” a third shared.

Other users defended Discount Tire, saying that the incident was likely a mistake rather than a scam, as Peru called it in the video’s caption.

“Bro it’s Discount Tire, they’re not shady like that. There was probably just a mistake and they thought they was only changing 2,” one user wrote.

“Its discount tire bro it was probably just a mistake not a scam,” a second agreed.

“Discount tire is probably the best tire shop. They mess up, they fix it and hook u up,” another commented.

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