Mom Sparks Debate After Saying You Have To Prioritize Your Boyfriend Over Your Kids

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A mom has recently set the internet alight after she advised single women looking for boyfriends to prioritize their newfound lovers over their own children.

Taking to YouTube with a video titled 'Advice for single mothers struggling finding [sic] a man," a woman by the name of Kim threw out some controversial dating advice that urged single moms to stop putting their kids' needs over their boyfriends'.

"Single mothers, if you wanna know why you're not getting swiped on by the kind of men that you feel you deserve," she began, "stop telling these men, after asking them for all of their time, effort, energy, and money, that they are going to come after your f****** children... by another man."

She continued: "I don't know in what world you thought that that would entice a man to want to date you."

Later on in the video, she goes on to say that she "doesn't know or give a s***" about any "baggage or drama" (AKA the kids) from any previous relationships, but what she does know is that she doesn't expect it if she's going into a new one.

Within days, a heated debate broke out in the comment section, with some agreeing with Kim's advice and others slamming her for being so "cringy" and "inaccurate."

One supporter wrote: "So true. Every time I see a dating profile that says "my kids come first", I'm outta there. Because no matter how hard I try to be a good and loving partner, it will always be whatever the kids want."
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"Nothing makes me swipe left, harder, than "1kid, you will NEVER be more important than them." Why would I got into a relationship where I'm already being told to not even try? It's worse with the pets. 'My dog Lucy, is #1 and you will never be more important.' Any one who swipes right on those people, must really have low self esteem," wrote one user, adding that prioritised pets are also another issue.

"She makes a really good point. Any man should expect that of course a woman cares more about her children than a brand new relationship with a stranger. So all you are communicating by writing that out in your profile is that you are bossy," another added.
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Others disapproved of Kim's controversial advice, with some even mocking the fact that she's allegedly single herself."I see why you're single. Your kids deserve a better mother."

Another YouTube user also joined in saying: "Hmm, wonder if she's single. Just kidding! Of course she is."

Now, I'm no relationship expert nor am I a mother, but come on.

On one hand, we have a fully grown adult that can take care of themselves, and on the other, we have a literal kid who needs help eating, sleeping and basically just existing. I'm sure no one ever wants to neglect their husband or boyfriend of attention, but when it comes to raising your own offspring, I think that's a good enough excuse to regard it as slightly less of a priority.

But then again, what do I know, eh?

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