Oprah Was Left Too Stunned To Speak After A Fan Told Her That $100 Is A Lot Of Money

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Oprah has divided opinions after she appeared to suggest that $100 is not a lot of money.

Oprah Winfrey, 68, is one of the richest people not only in the US but in the entire world. At the time of writing, Forbes states that the entertainment mogul is the 1,151st wealthiest person on the planet with a net worth of $2.5 billion.

The star is best known for her talk show where she interviews high-profile celebrities as well as giving out gifts to the audience, but she also made her money through being an actress as well as a best-selling author.

It would appear that her billions have made her lose touch with the average person, as a viral video shows that she considers $100 to be a small amount of money.

The video was shared on TikTok and shows a fan asking Oprah for Christmas present ideas for his mother. The TV personality responds with the idea of gifting a jewelry box.

When the man says the gift is probably a little too far out of his price range, Oprah declares that it's "only" $100 dollars and seemed taken aback when that was still deemed too expensive.

The eager fan wanted a gift a little lower in price, to which Oprah responded: "Lower than $100?" with a smile on her face.

She then suggests the sentimental gift of writing out a list of the top 10 reasons why he loves his mother, which he describes as perfect.

Oprah's reaction to the man's initial question has divided viewers, with some thinking that she is out of touch with reality.

One person said: "The judgement when he said $100 was too expensive," and another added: "Oprah be like, $100 expensive? Jeez how much do you have."

But not everyone thinks Oprah's thoughts were judgemental, as a viewer supported her: "I think Oprah handled this and answered this very well."

Another supporter said: "Honestly not absurd to assume a grown man is expecting to spend $100 for his mother."

A fifth person thought she handled the situation very well by coming up with an alternative: "Her second suggestion was incredibly thoughtful."

The man's mother will surely love the sentimental gift idea!

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