‘Pretty Much They Didn’t Wanna Clean Up’: Day Workers Leave Potluck Leftovers For The Night Crew

A worker shows the remainder of another shift’s potluck meal that had been left behind for the night crew in a now-viral TikTok, sparking discussion among viewers about whether it was an appropriate thing to do.

In the video posted by TikToker @aaliyahb80, she shows viewers that the day shift left their leftovers out from their potluck under the guise of being a gift to the overnight shift. Instead of being a worthwhile contribution, it ended up being the parts that nobody wanted to take back home or throw away— one item was even a singular cookie left in a box.

“They ain’t leave us no meat, beans for days,” she says in the video.

She shows that all of the side dishes no one wanted had been left as well.

Commenters agreed with her assumption that the “leftovers” were left behind simply because no one wanted to clean up.

“Pretty much they didnt wanna clean up,” one commenter wrote. “I work nights and they do us so wrong.”

“They just didn’t want to clean up,” another said.

Others said that they hoped the night crew left the leftovers on the table for the day shift to address when they returned to work after the holidays.

“Write another note on a napkin that says, ‘Day Crew,'” one commenter said. “Let them clean their own mess up!”

“It would be waiting on the on the 26th right where they left it lol,” another wrote.

“Each shift needs they own potluck though…nobody wants food from 8+ hours ago,” a third added. “They didn’t want to clean up, and it would’ve been waiting for them in a.m.”

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