New York City Family Reunites With Officers Who Pulled A Car Off Their Infant Daughter

A family has been reunited with two New York City police officers who saved their nearly 1-year-old baby after she was trapped under a car.
Mirna Nunez was walking in Yonkers with her then 8-month-old daughter, Leslie. They were crossing the street when they found themselves in the path of an out-of-control car. Though Mirna tried to outrun the car, it slammed into them before ramming into a nearby barbershop window.

Officers Rocco Fusco and Paul Samoyedny were quickly on the scene. They discovered a distraught Mirna and a screaming baby Leslie trapped under the car. Their fast thinking saved the baby girl's life.

The officers' body cameras captured their quick work to get to Leslie. Civilians jumped in to help the two police officers lift the 4,000-pound car off the baby girl.

Leslie was taken to a hospital and treated for severe burns to her feet and back from the hot engine. Her Thanksgiving Day first birthday felt like the perfect time to thank the officers who saved her life.

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