‘Justice For Morphe Employees’: Employees Call Out Morphe After The Company Abruptly Shutters All Stores

Morphe employees are taking to social media and calling out the retailer for giving them little to no notice that their retail locations are being closed down, effectively putting them out of a job.

Two TikTokers, Dani (@creepypeachy) and @daddymuaa, posted clips with similar anecdotes about their experiences with the retailer.

Dani’s video is a response to another user on the platform who posted a clip of her closeout sale haul. Dani prefaced her video by stating she didn’t have any ill will towards the TikToker, but she, like many other Morphe employees, was kept in the dark about the closures.

“Morphe has been closing retail stores for at least a year now, hush-hush real quiet. They’re telling everyone that it’s due to lease stuff,” she said.

Dani revealed she was a manager at the location where the user she responded to shopped, and that she had only been notified about the closure four days before it happened.

“They told us on the 22nd of December that our last day of business is the 26th of December, which is today,” Dani said. “And then tomorrow, we’re just packing up the store, and we don’t have a job anymore.”

She explained that employees would be given severance pay, but the amount varies. Dani, who had been at the store for around a year and a half, would receive three weeks’ severance. One of her associates, who had been at the store since it opened three years prior, would also get three weeks. However, Dani said she knew of an employee who would only get one.

“I just want to get the word out. I don’t know why no one’s talking about it ’cause there’s been a lot of stores now,” Dani continued. “I’ve known people personally, other store managers, other associates for Morphe. I just want to say, ‘justice for Morphe retail employees’ because this is not right.”

TikTok user @daddymuaa expressed similar sentiments in his video.

“As you guys have seen, Morphe stores are closing, and employees are just getting dropped like flies,” he said. “With severance, but I mean, how much severance can actually prepare you for not having a job or not being able to pay for your bills or whatever?”

Like Dani, @daddymuaa said that he heard of severance packages ranging from one to three weeks’ worth of pay. The TikToker also said that his store has yet to close, but it is already almost empty. The shelves in the back room where he was recording were completely bare.

“But, my thing is, they haven’t said anything. They haven’t told us ‘you’re closing.’ They haven’t said, ‘um, you have four days, five days.’ Nothing. No notice. We’re all just stressed the fuck out,” he said.

The TikToker wrote in the caption that he has been a Morphe employee since 2018.

“I started off with this company back in 2018 and i swore this was the best company ever and that they appreciated all their [employees] and were different,” he wrote. “Now due to the circumstances i have changed my opinion.”

@daddymuaa also expressed support for Dani in the caption, agreeing that there needs to be more attention on the issue.

“Im with my girl @dani there isnt enough talk about this and they thinking hushing us up will work or trying [to] keep shit on the low is gonna let them slide. Not on my watch,” he wrote.

Users in @daddymuaa’s comments section expressed support for him and provided suggestions on what he should do.

“Start applying for other jobs, don’t wait till they decide ok we’re closing our doors and say good luck finding a new job, start looking now,” one user wrote.

“Girl apply at max and ulta Sephora you have the experience already,” a second suggested.

“If the store closes, unemployment boo!” another commented.

While it’s unknown what employment agreement Morphe workers have, Business News Daily states that the “default” for jobs in the United States is an “at-will” agreement. Though individual state laws dictate how employers can and can’t fire employees, in many instances, being an “at-will” worker basically means that a business can terminate a worker’s contract for any or no reason at all.

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