Mom's 'Heart Sinks' Reading 8-Year-Old Daughter's Heartbreaking Christmas List Request

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A mom was left heartbroken after she read her eight-year-old daughter's Christmas list request.

Posting to TikTok, Suzy Boliver shared her daughter's festive list in the hopes that it would raise awareness about the difficulties some children face at school.

"When you get your eight-year-old daughter’s Christmas list," Boilver wrote in a textbox over her video. "When I say my heart sank."

At first, her list appears to be pretty normal and contains items that every eight-year-old girl would seem to want, including Squishmellow toys, a pink iPad mini, and colorful new pencils.

But as you get lower and lower, something seems off.

Instead of completing her list with more items, the little girl wrote that this Christmas she'd like "more friends" and "less bullying" as her final two requests.

"I wasn’t going to post this," she captioned the short video. "But you know what... this is being 8 years old in 2022 and maybe we should be talking about it."

Watch the full video below:

Along with the mom-of-two, social media users were also left heartbroken about the list.

"That broke my heart," wrote one user.

"Mom, your little girl is an angel who no one should bully. Please hug her for as long as you can and tell her she's amazing," added another.

Others recalled their own personal experiences too.

"My 9yo wrote this year 'To be pretty', I have no words for the sadness," wrote one user while another said: "I still have so much lingering trauma from being bullied as a child. Some teachers joined in. Happened to one of my daughters too! Life is hard."

While some also offered the heartbroken mother some advice, a few social media users went one step further and asked if they could send the little girl some gifts to cheer her up.

"You should set up a PO Box so we can send her postcards from friends around the country. I’d send her one from Oregon!"

"Any kind of squishmallow in particular she is looking for?" Another user asked. "I have some to give away and would love to send some her way."

Boliver later told her followers that she would be getting her daughter into martial arts in order to help her gain the confidence she needs to stand up to anyone who bullies her in the future.

We hope the youngster's wishes come true this Christmas!

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