Mom Gives Her Baby Stiletto Manicure, Posts On Social Media Offering Them To Others

A mom came under some online fire for posting pictures of a baby with a full-blown manicure.
The images have been shared across social media, though they're believed to have originated on Facebook, according to the Daily Mail. The baby's manicure features long, fake nails in a stiletto shape. The pointy claws are trendy for adults, but people were fearful of what could happen to a baby with those nails.

While some people believe the images are Photoshopped, others point out that these images could encourage someone to actually try this with their baby.

A photo of an infant with fake nails has caused quite a stir across social media. The photos were believed to have come from a Facebook group. "I can do you babies nails. PM for info. Cheap rates," the original poster captioned the images.

The images soon made their way onto Twitter, where people were posting similar captions as a joke. A lot of people believed the photos were Photoshopped, which is likely the case. Still, many have pointed out that joking about it online can encourage someone to actually do this to their child.

Many felt obligated to point out how dangerous these nails would actually be. "I could understand painting a babies nails, but giving them fake ones? It’s too dangerous! They constantly are touching their faces, so it could really do damage to their eyes. It’s better to wait until they are a lot older," one person tweeted.

"No just no. One the babies nail is so thin this can damage it for later in life. And honestly it's just stupid," another person wrote.

"Especially like the ones shown I mean why would you want sharp things that your baby would put in their mouth and possibly swallow. It's just no no no no no no no nooo."

Even actress Patricia Arquette had to ask a question after seeing the images: "What if the baby pokes it's eye?" While there were some likes and some laughing replies, no one actually answered her very valid question.

Parents also couldn't help but joke about how sharp baby nails already are. "That's a deadly weapon, without the fake nails. Now it's a weapon of mass destruction," one dad joked.

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