Police Fatally Shoot Woman Holding Walmart Worker Hostage

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Police have fatally shot a woman who held a Walmart worker hostage in a Mississippi store after she demanded she needed to speak to a news anchor.

The events unfolded on Wednesday evening (December 21) in the Jackson suburb of Richland and law enforcement has now revealed the identity of the woman who was shot dead, per ABC News.

Corlunda McGinister, 21, of West Helena Arkansas, took a Walmart employee hostage, and social media footage shows that she was shouting that she needed help.

The armed assailant also shouted that she wanted to speak to a news anchor, and when police instructed her to put her hands up she declared that she didn't want anybody to get hurt.

Other angles show that McGinister is holding a gun in one hand while using the other to hold on to a person wearing a Walmart employee vest.

During the time of the incident which occurred around 5:45PM, Richland Police Department posted on social media stating: "RPD is working an incident at Walmart involving a weapon. The scene is secure and we will provide updates when they become available."

Two hours later, they updated concerned citizens: "RPD had an officer-involved shooting this evening at Walmart. All of our officers are safe. Walmart is secure and closed at this time. MBI will be conducting an independent investigation."

Richland police Chief Nick McLendon, referring to the news that McGinister had been shot dead, told WAPT-TV: "It's devastating for all parties involved — the officers, everybody that was involved in this situation."

He suggested that the now-deceased woman may have been suffering from mental health issues at the time of the attack: "You know, with the Christmas season coming, mental health is a big deal because of the stress involved in the Christmas season."

Chief McLendon went on to state that people can contact the police department if they are struggling with their mental health, or if the stress of the holiday gets too much. "If you see something, say something," he concluded.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is looking into the case as it does with all shootings that involve law enforcement.

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