‘When Your Mcdonald’s Curbside Takes Forever And You See Why’: Mcdonald’s Customer Shocked To Find Store Full Of Trash

A McDonald’s customer went viral on TikTok for sharing the shocking reason her curbside order was delayed.

The video, posted by user @gle4fun, starts with the TikToker parked in a curbside pickup space. “I’m waiting for this curbside and it’s taking so long, so I decided to check it out,” she says. According to her caption, the TikToker was waiting for 20 minutes before entering the store.

Upon entering the store, @gle4fun is shocked to find that all of the garbage cans are overflowing and have trash stacked on top of them. She also shows a littered drink station, and a person climbing the side of the building can be seen in the background through the store window.

“Oh my God. What a mess,” the TikToker says. “I’ve never seen a McDonald’s like this ever before, and it’s not peak time.”

The video garnered over 244,000 views as of Friday, where many viewers attributed the messiness of the location to staffing issues.

“I know what location this is. Have never seen it like this. Probably understaffed,” one viewer proposed.

“As someone who does work for McDonald’s I can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that either lunch rush, insufficient staffing,” a second agreed.

“I can’t help but think about how stressed those understaffed workers probably are,” a third echoed.

@gle4fun responded to the comment, writing, “staff were really busy. They didn’t have time to take orders and took them a while to get someone to check on my order.”

Other alleged former and current McDonald’s employees shared how the company doesn’t prioritize cleaning the lobby.

“Understaffing will do this unfortunately, i remember being a manager running around trying to help my crew while cleaning the lobby inbetween,” one commenter shared.

“I work at McDonald’s.. we are always under staffed and they want us to try to get the food out first before cleaning,” a second confirmed.

Some commenters blamed the pandemic as a whole for the situation.

“They ALL look like this since Covid. My family has gone from 2x weekly to never again,” one viewer commented.

“Sadly the pandemic hurt all businesses, if I was CEO of Mc.Donalds I would just offer drive thru service and offer the basic menu, for now,” a second concurred.

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