‘Babe, That’s A McTendon’: McDonald’s Customer Receives Stringy McChicken With No Cheese

In a viral TikTok video surpassing 1.6 million views, a McDonald’s customer shares the unexpected texture of her chicken sandwich.

User Emma Baker (@emmabaker0609) recorded herself biting into a McChicken sandwich, but it wasn’t as expected. This bite came with a cheese pull—but the sandwich didn’t have cheese.

“Someone please tell me what this is,” the caption of the video reads.

The creator used the ever-trending TikTok sound “Oh No” by Kreepa as she showed what happened after she bit into the sandwich.

Viewers in the comments section shared their disgust for the sandwich and concern for Baker.

“If this ever happened to me I’d never eat one again,” one user commented.

“I’d literally be traumatized LMAO,” a second shared.

“I’m never getting one ever again cause that can’t be me,” a third wrote.

Others joked that Baker had received a chicken sandwich composed strictly of tendons, rather than meat.

“Babe that’s a Mctendon,” one user quipped.

“McChicken and tendons,” another added.

Baker did not state what was in her sandwich.

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