Customer Slams Mcdonald's As 'No Longer Affordable' After Sharing Bill For His Regular Order

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A man has recently shared his shock about McDonald's prices after they appeared to dramatically increase.

Taking to TikTok, Christopher Olive showed his 374,000 followers a receipt from his recent Maccies order, consisting of a Smoky Double Quarter Pounder BLT burger with large fries and Sprite.

Though this is bound to be a pretty pricey buy - a Smoky Double Quarter Pounder BLT burger doesn't come cheap - Olive was left shocked when the total came out to $16.10.

Sixteen whole dollars!
Credit: Radharc Images / Alamy
"So I get there's a labor shortage, I get there's wage increases and a number of other things but... sixteen dollars?", the TikToker said.

"Sixteen dollars for a burger, a large fries, and a drink. It's just crazy," he added.

Watch the full video below:

And it seems as though others were also shocked at the total.

"Five guys prices at McDonald’s?!?", asked one user, to which Olive responded saying: "It’s crazy."

Another user stated that this was precisely the reason why they prefer to cook at home instead of eating fast food, adding: "I make a lot more of my own food these days because of stuff like this."

Again, Olive replied to the comment agreeing, saying: "Exactly. I eat 90% from food I cook and this really shocked me."

Others questioned the TikToker, saying that it was his fault for picking the most expensive item on the menu.

"Bc you got DOUBLE DELUXE BACON quarter pounder, literally the most expensive option on the entire menu," commented a social media user.

"Bro ordered the most expensive meal they have and acted surprised," another quipped.

The real ones chose to offer some advice, pointing to the app as a good solution.

"Download the app. You can literally eat McDonald’s for under $6 every time," one user said.

Global fans of the fast food franchise recalled their own experiences, and it seems as though other countries' prices are nothing compared to what US citizens are paying for their meals.

Is anyone really surprised?

With the cost of living crisis, prices are generally rising in the United States so this comes as no shock, but - saying that - sixteen dollars is still pushing the boat out a little, isn't it?

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