Man Receives Backlash After Proposing To His Girlfriend At Her Graduation Ceremony

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A man who proposed to his girlfriend at her graduation ceremony has been hit with backlash after the moment went viral online.

In a video that was shared to TikTok, the man can be seen taking the stage at La Trobe University in Melbourne while his girlfriend is already up there accepting her certificate.

You can hear him telling his girlfriend that he "loves her with all of his heart" before dropping down to one knee and uttering the all-important question. What possessed him to do so, we will never know...

But while I'm sure the moment was intended to be a cute, happy occasion, it will now be remembered for the complete opposite reasons.

Clementine Ford, known for her outspoken views on topics like feminism, reacted to the video and posted the update to her official Facebook account on Friday, slamming the man for making the ceremony "all about him."

In a video titled "Stop Stealing Women's Moments," she urged men to stop treading on women's toes and actually uplift them when they're achieving their goals.

"Stop f****** stealing women's moments from them. They do not belong to you. They are not yours to have," she said. "That is her moment, she has graduated.

"We don't know under what conditions she went to university, we don't know how hard that was for her, but she did it by herself."

Ford then went on to question men's seemingly selfish antics, insinuating that they want to be the center of attention during their partner's big moments.

She said: "Why do men look at situations where women have achieved something for themselves, where they are about to receive praise and admiration... and they think, 'you know what? I'm going to make this moment about me.

"I'm going to make it so that she remembers, always, that the day she graduated was the day I proposed to her. That was the most important thing that happened to her that day.'"

Watch the full reaction below:

STOP STEALING WOMEN’S MOMENTS. Why? Why do so many men feel the need to make women’s achievements about them? Why do they believe a public proposal is exactly what will make her GRADUATION better? Why can’t they just let women shine without having to draw the light towards themselves? This is not romantic. It’s entrapment for a start (how is she meant to say no when there’s an auditorium of people oohing and gasping?) but it’s also reminding her that nothing of what she achieves ON HER OWN and FOR HERSELF will ever compete with the greatest achievement of all - landing a man and a ring. Now, the only thing people will congratulate her for at the post grad party will be her engagement. They won’t ask to see the degree, only the ring. This is the memory she gets to have of something hard she managed to do - that it was nowhere near as impressive or valuable as a guy asking her to marry him. LET WOMEN HAVE THINGS. LET THEM BE BRILLIANT WITHOUT YOU. To this woman, congratulations on your incredible academic achievement. You should be very proud. Your degree will open more doors for you than marriage ever could, so don’t let it be diminished by our twisted cultural values. To men everywhere thinking of pulling this shit. Don’t. To audiences: stop applauding it! Stop indulging these displays of ownership. They are not sweet or romantic, they’re degrading. If I ever see this, I will yell at him to get off the stage!

Posted by Clementine Ford on Thursday, December 15, 2022

Since it was posted, the video has gotten a lot of attention online, with many agreeing with Ford's viewpoint.

"How did he get to go up on the stage! That in itself is strange. The last graduation I went to it would have been impossible," wrote one user.

"He also stole the moment from the other graduates. It's their moment too. The awwww of the proposal is what the audience will remember. He's just an attention seeker," added another.

"Watching men pull this kind of thing infuriates me," a third said. "They are so threatened by a woman's accomplishments, they feel the need to photobomb the moment. It's weak and it's pathetic."
Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

La Trobe University also spoke out, acknowledging their mistake and removing the original video of the proposal.
Credit: Facebook

"We made an error of judgement today - our graduation ceremonies are all about celebrating student achievement, and this event detracted from that important acknowledgement of our students' success - we have removed the post," they commented under the video.

Let's hope others learn from this man's mistake...

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