‘I’m Not Your Lyft Driver No More’: Lyft Driver Allegedly Pretends To Have Flat Tire To Avoid Driving Customer

A TikToker’s video allegedly showing them being kicked out of a Lyft has sparked hefty criticism from viewers on the platform.

Posted by Ricky Williams (@rickywilliams303), the video showing his Lyft driver claiming that he has a flat tire and that the rider “better get out” of his car, has drawn over 264,000 views on TikTok.

The video also captures the driver telling Williams to “get the fuck away from” his vehicle, and that he will call the police on the rider.

“You must be crazy to stand in front of somebody’s car,” the driver says. “I’m not your Lyft driver no more.”

When the rider asks what he means by that, the driver continues yelling at him as he gets back in his car. He then drives away, despite the “flat tire.”

It is not immediately clear why the driver reacted this way.

“Throw back to when my Lyft driver saw me come outside and all of a sudden had a ‘flat tire,'” a text overlay on the video reads.

Several viewers wrote that they were happy Williams did not end up catching a ride with this driver, as the man did not seem safe to be around.

“Honestly I’m god you are safe,” one commenter wrote. “It doesn’t feel like it would have been safe to stay in his car.”

“You don’t wanna ride with him anyway please don’t,” another user said.

“That’s crazy,” a third added. “Must’ve been a traumatic experience getting yelled at by that crazy man like that. I hope you sent this to LYFT.”

Others shared that they had had similar experiences with unwilling or unhinged drivers using ride-hailing apps.

“I once got into a Lyft and the driver told me to get out cause my destination was too far,” one commenter wrote. “I said I’m sorry and got out.”

“@Lyft this is one of the reasons why i no longer use lyft .. this is so sad,” another shared.

“One time me and my cousins waited for an Uber at 2 am and once he saw it was 3 black girls he said no I can’t do it,” a further user alleged.

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