‘Everything Is Getting Raised Except My Paycheck’: Little Caesars Customer Says She Had To Pay $10 For 1 Pizza

Little Caesars hiked up the price of their iconic Hot-N-Ready pizzas from $5 to $5.55 due to inflation, which caused outrage on social media. Now, a Little Caesars customer has gone viral on TikTok after her daughter posted her reaction to the change.

The viral video was posted by TikTok user Teresa (@teressamarria). It begins with Teresa’s mother getting into the car and explaining that she gave the cashier $10 and only received one cent back.

“Listen, they freakin’ have the pepperoni pizza now [for] nine-something,” she said.

Teresa’s mother claimed that the pizza went from $5.99 to $6.99, but Little Caesars only noted the 55-cent change. However, according to Little Caesars’ online ordering option, a Classic Pepperoni Pizza can cost $5.55, $6.79, or $6.99. The price seems to vary based on region and whether a customer chooses pick-up or delivery.

The video ends with Teresa’s mother comparing Little Caesars’ to Pizza Guys, another pizzeria she frequents, as their prices have also increased.

Users in the comments section were astounded by the price change.

“Inflation is crazy, everything is getting raised except my paycheck,” one user wrote.

“FOR LITTLE CAESARS!!!!! Y’all are gonna have to start making ur own pizza,” another joked.


Other users, including those who claim to work for Little Caesars, shared how much the same pizza costs in their respective regions.

“It’s still 5 here in Oregon,” one viewer commented.

“It’s 6$ in Ohio,” a second shared

“That’s so funny, I work at little Caesar’s and some lady complained because our pizzas are 8 dollars now,” a third wrote.

“$9.23 here in Cali now. I get yelled at every single day,” user @hippiexlena claimed. In response to other users claiming that the price was closer to $6 in California, @hippiexlena provided an explanation for why prices may vary. “Ya, depends on if it’s a corporate location or franchise,” the user wrote.

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