Kate Middleton Reportedly 'Hell-Bent' on Doing Her Own Tell-All — & She'll Bring Receipts

Hold onto your seats! The feud between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle may be about to reach a boiling point. Apparently, the 40-year-old Princess of Wales is so upset with what she's seen in the first installment of Netflix's Harry & Meghan series that's she's considering doing her own tell-all interview in response — and according to insiders, she's got the receipts to shut down the Sussexes.
A source told 'In Touch' that Kate has begun planning her retaliation.

Kate is apparently hopping mad over the claims made by Meghan and Prince Harry during the first three episodes of their docuseries. In fact, an insider claims she's angry enough to do the unprecedented: give a tell-all interview.

Is it bad that we're kind of excited about this?
She doesn't want to take the Sussexes' claims lying down.

Meghan and Harry spent the first half of their six-part series placing a lot of blame on the royal family, and it sounds like Kate wants an opportunity to clear the air for herself, palace staff, and the rest of the royals. In fact, Kate is apparently so insistent that the insider said the mother of three is "hell-bent" on getting the royals' side of the story out there.
But Prince William has cautioned his wife to sleep on it.

Kate may be ready to speak out and fight back, but it sounds like her husband is taking a more diplomatic approach — at least for now. The source said William has "warned" Kate to "think twice" before green-lighting any full-scale interviews about the Netflix docuseries and the family's response.
William may be having an easier time keeping his temper in check, but he is also angry with his brother.

"The docuseries is the final nail in the coffin for Harry and Meghan's relationship with the royals," the insider continued. Both William and Kate are "livid" about the whole thing and the fact that Harry and Meghan seem to be "nit-picking" the family for financial gain.

Considering that the source claims Kate has been "inundated" with interview offers, we can see this whole thing blowing up soon.
This may all end up backfiring for Harry and Meghan.

The source claims Kate has more than enough proof to invalidate Meghan's claims once and for all. "Kate's ammunition could potentially destroy Meghan," the person continued, adding that Kate "has a stack of receipts, which she's accumulated over the years."

Even though we think that this interview could potentially make for great TV, it's clear that all of this back and forth will only make things worse when it comes to repairing the relationship between William and his brother — if that’s even still possible.

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