Karen Calls Valet’s Workplace, Tries To Report Them For Bad Driving

A viral TikTok shows the voicemail that one woman, dubbed a “Karen,” left after calling a valet workplace to report bad behavior.

The TikTok posted by one of the valet employees (@timhansbury1), shows a handful of other workers listening to and laughing at the voicemail. As of Sunday, the video has garnered 1.6 million views.

In the video, the employees gather around an answering machine landline phone as the Karen’s voicemail played on speaker.

“Hi, this is a message for the manager of the valets that work outside of your building,” the Karen says in the voicemail. “It is your habit to drive into traffic without even checking to see if there’s someone in the oncoming lane.”

“You will cause someone to die. I know for a fact that people have died outside of your restaurant,” the Karen continues angrily. “You better get your employees under control.”

The Karen ends her voicemail by shrieking that the valet workers need to stop what they are doing and calling them “absolute assholes.” As the answering machine asks if they would like to hear the voicemail again, the valet workers burst out laughing.

Several viewers applauded the employees for laughing off the Karen’s aggression.

“The chorus of laughter was the cherry on top!” one viewer commented.

“The laughter. I hope customers know this is what happens when they ever complain about anything,” another said.

Other viewers commented on the Karen’s extreme aggression at the end of the voicemail.

“The way these people go from calm to absolute rabid is so scary,” one user said.

A second user wrote, “Zero to demon voice real quick.”

Some users pointed out flaws in the Karen’s message.

“How does she even know it was an employee at that point? It could have been the customer leaving after picking up the car???” one viewer asked.

“If someone tells me they ‘know for a fact’ that is 100% a lie lmao,” another wrote.

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