‘Every Job Application Should Take You No More Than A Minute’: Man Shares How He Applied For 200 Jobs In 2 Days

A user on TikTok has gone viral after sharing a job application method that he says allowed him to apply for 200 jobs in just two days.

In a video with over 450,000 views, TikTok user Jerry (@jerryjhlee) details his technique, which includes the use of both a browser plug-in and a popular AI chatbot, ChatGPT.

According to Jerry, the most time-consuming part of the job application process is filling out the same information over and over.

To remedy this, Jerry utilizes a plug-in called Simplify, which auto-fills the job application and automatically uploads relevant documents like resumés.

From here, one can simply submit the application.

However, if part of the application involves answering a question about work experience, Jerry recommends using the AI program ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a program that produces detailed text from user-generated prompts. For a job application, Jerry recommends copying and pasting one’s resumé into the program, then giving the program the application’s question.

As he demonstrates, the results are convincing.

“Now every job application should take you no more than a minute,” he summarizes.

In comments, Jerry claims that this method landed him “7 jobs in the first 2 days.”

Other TikTokers were quick to share their thoughts on Jerry’s method. Some commenters were in favor of his suggestions.

“okay ..the ChatGPT part is kinda brilliant. I hate answering those essay questions!” exclaimed one user.

“They use automation so can we,” observed a second.

“I love this. We need to use Chat GPT as much as we can while boomers are still oblivious,” said a third.

However, others were opposed, citing several potential issues with the plan.

“There are going to be tools that can detect AI-generated cover letters,” predicted one user. “It’s already being done by Google to lower the ranks of pages.”

“It’s all fun and games till they call you and you don’t know what position your applying for,” added another.

“Chat gtp writes 7th grade level essays,” noted a further TikToker. “You’re not getting hired bro.”

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