‘This Is Why They Want Us Back In Office’: Remote Worker Sleeps During Workday, Sets Alarms To Jiggle Mouse And Appear Active On Teams

While most places of business have reopened across the country, remote work is still common among American workers.

Frequently, remote workers are required to use software like Microsoft Teams to keep in touch with coworkers during the day. However, Teams has a feature that shows workers as “inactive” if they are not on the computer—which means that if a worker is taking a break, away from the computer, or simply slacking off, their coworkers are made aware of it almost instantly.

The spread of software like Teams has resulted in a flurry of discussion around workarounds to appear online when one really isn’t. This discussion was recently reignited after a video from the TikTok account @poquitamaestrita went viral with over 1.1 million views.

In the video, a person can be seen sleeping on a bed.

“He has alarms set to let him know when to jiggle his mouse a little so they still think he’s working,” reads the text overlaying the video, which appears to be first posted to Snapchat.

At first, many users suggested alternative methods for keeping one’s Teams status active.

“Go to Walmart. Buy a cheap Analog watch with a second hand. Place mouse on top of it. The second hand will wiggle the mouse for you,” offered one user.

“You can also buy a mouse juggler off Amazon for like $20 lol it’s a usb that plugs into your computer and moves the mouse for you,” noted a second.

“I open a teams meeting with only me in it and change my status to available. It keeps you active,” advised a third.

“Open Microsoft word, put something on the space bar and the rest is history,” shared a further TikToker.

However, many also said that workarounds like these are one of the reasons some companies are pushing employees to return to the physical workplace.

“And this is why they want us back in office,” stated a commenter.

“And they all cry when you tell them they can’t work from home,” said another TikToker.

In contrast, several users noted that their workday was actually more productive at home, with most workarounds existing simply because employers track time online, not actual work done.

“No work gets done [in the office],” explained a user. “I go into office and literally the entire time my team is socializing with other coworkers not really doing much.”

“Yesss!!! When I go to the office I get nothing done because I don’t shut up but when I am home I get so much done and that’s with a baby!!” exclaimed an additional TikToker.

Some shared their envy for the person in the video for having a job that can allow this work behavior to continue.

“Everyone else saying what mouse to buy or something i’m asking what job he got,” said a user. “I need it.”

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