‘That Is The Only Complaint I’ve Ever Had’: Customer Says Instacart Deactivated Her Account After She Gave A Shopper A 3-star Review

After leaving a three-star review for an Instacart shopper, one woman said her account was deactivated by the grocery delivery service.

TikToker Sammi (@spammi.k) posted a video explaining that she had placed a small order through Instacart that was partially refunded by the shopper.

“So I put in an Instacart order for us last night, and it was for like six things, nothing major,” she said. “I just hadn’t got the stuff at the store, whatever. So the person picks up the order and goes and shops for it, refunds half my order without ever asking me if I wanted a refund, or anything like that, and delivers it.”

Sammi said she left a low rating because the shopper didn’t communicate with her about the refunds.

“When I get the rating, I give her three stars because there was no communication, like what if I wanted something to replace that with, and the thing is I had replacements in my order,” she said in the clip. “I woke up this morning to an email from Instacart saying that I’ve had too many complaints, and my account is now deactivated as a customer. That is the only complaint I’ve ever had.”

Commenters said they had similar experiences with the delivery service, but most were surprised that she was banned for having a complaint.

“Wow I have had that happen to me before,” one commenter wrote.

“I’m surprised I haven’t been deactivated,” another said. “They are always messing up & I complain. Didn’t know they would do that.”

“So you aren’t allowed to give a mid star review?” a third added. “Wow crazy.”

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