Sports Reporter Makes It Very Clear He's Unhappy About Covering The Weather During Blizzard

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A sports news journalist made his true feelings known to viewers after he was forced to go out and deliver a report during a blizzard.

Mark Woodley, a KWWL anchor went viral after his live coverage of the blizzard-like conditions in Waterloo, Iowa, was reposted to social media.

During the segment on Thursday, Woodley became extremely candid about his task, stating that this is what happens "when you ask the sports guy to come in to cover a blizzard in the morning show."

"This is a really long show. Tune in for the next couple hours to watch me progressively get crankier and crankier," he quipped on-air.

And it only got funnier from there as the sports reporter continued his update.

"What better time to ask the sports guy to come in about five hours earlier than he would normally wake up and go stand out in the wind and the snow and the cold and tell other people not to do the same?" he told viewers, also adding that he didn't "realize that there was a 3:30 also in the morning — until today."

As the broadcast continued, Woodley also shared that his coworker Clint got "the better end" of the assignment chasing a storm and told viewers that he's got good news and some bad news to reveal.

"The good news is that I can still feel my face right now. The bad news is I kind of wish I couldn't."

Watch the moment below:

Just a few hours later and Woodley was back at it again, but this time he spoke directly to the TV host who was sat nice and warm back in the studio asking if he could have his "regular job back."

"Can I go back to my regular job? I'm pretty sure Ryan that you guys added an extra hour to this show because somebody likes torturing me."

The hilarious moment received quite the response online with many commending Woodley's honesty.

One user referred to the Iowa sportscaster as a "legend," while someone else retweeted the clip.

Fellow newscaster Rich Eisen also shared the video in a tweet and captioned it: "Proud of this TV work that just showed into my timeline. Well played, Mark."

If the news was like this every single day, I would definitely tune in.

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