People Can't Get Over How Much Gordon Ramsay Is Charging For Christmas Dinner At His Restaurant

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Gordon Ramsay has left social media users thoroughly divided after his Savoy Grill restaurant announced the price of their Christmas dinner.

There are very few moments throughout the year that can top the whole family being sat around the dinner table and tucking into Christmas dinner. Pulling Christmas crackers, telling bad jokes, and enjoying a homecooked Christmas feast - what could be better?

Well, although it may seem unheard of to some families, there are many people that prefer to ditch the hot stove and washing up and choose to eat out on Christmas Day.
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And where better to enjoy a festive feast than at Gordon Ramsay's Savoy Grill in London? With Ramsay being recognized as one of the best and most successful chefs in the world, then surely a meal green-ticked by the culinary master would be worth every penny?

Taking to Instagram to share a preview of what customers can expect on Christmas Day, officials for the restaurant wrote: "Join us at Savoy Grill this Christmas for the perfect festive feast!"

However, according to Twisted, a quick look at the menu reveals that the "perfect festive feast" will set customers back £275 ($330 USD) each!

But what can diners expect for such a hefty price tag? Well, Twisted reports that, for starters, customers will be treated to "a selection of canapés, followed by Jerusalem artichoke velouté with périgord truffle, and then lobster and shellfish cocktail with Bois Boudran and smoked avocado."

This will be followed by "a round of chicken liver and foie gras parfait" and then "a choice of roast turkey, beef wellington, Dover sole or wild mushroom linguine" for their next course.

"If their belts aren’t straining too much, guests will then be offered Port soaked Cashel Blue cheese with cherry sourdough bread, 'Kir royale', and finish off with Traditional Christmas pudding or chestnut Mont Blanc for dessert," Twisted adds.
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After being made aware of the steep price, many social media users shared their thoughts on Ramsay's Christmas offering.

"Sod that I wouldn’t pay that it looks vile anyway it’s not even a proper Christmas dinner," one Facebook user commented on Twisted's post.

A second added: "That's ridiculous no meal is worth that and I have eaten in some amazing restaurants over the years. Anyone who pays that money needs their heads looking at!"

"I couldn't enjoy something I was paying half a week's wage for," a third wrote.

And a fourth wrote: "I would rather spend that amount of money on a holiday instead as more enjoyable."

Over on Instagram, other social media users were daring enough to even compare the meal to looking like "Heidi Klum's Halloween costume". And, to be honest, we can see the similarities:
Some social media users compared the meal to Klum's worm costume. Credit: INSTAR Images LLC / Alamy
Nevertheless, there were also many social media users who proudly defended the price of the meal, with many highlighting Ramsay's achievements as one of the best chefs on the planet.

"I mean $275 for a gourmet meal by one of the best chefs in the world? It's really not that crazy," one person commented. "I can't afford it but I've seen crazier prices for a meal, I've spent $400 going to a nice local restaurant with my wife."

Another added: "Not really an unreasonable price really. Factor in the cost of stock, rent, power, water and the big one on Christmas day WAGES. Clearly a lot of the comments are from people who have NOT worked in the service industry."

So, there you have it! Will you be tempted by Ramsay's offerings this Christmas?

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