‘Using All My PTO Then Quitting The Day Year-end Bonuses Come Out’: Worker Shares PSA About ‘Getting Everything You Deserve’ From Workplace Before Quitting

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been major changes in the American workforce. Over the past two years, about a third of Americans switched jobs, per PBS, with many opting to change their position or field entirely in the process.

However, this also presented many Americans with an issue: how to stage their exit from their current role.

Now, a user on TikTok has sparked a discussion with their advice: “get everything you deserve before you head out.”

In a video with over 106, 000 views, TikTok user Antrell sets up a scenario in which he uses “all [his] PTO then quitting the day year-end bonuses come out.”

In the comments section, many users shared their plans to do the exact same thing.

“This my plan,” one user claimed. “Maxed out my PTO and got my resignation email scheduled.”

“This is my plan. My job is ok but I don’t enjoy the work I do,” another user stated. “I already put in my PTO for next year and I’m taking off then leaving.”

“I would be asking weeks before if they knew when the quarterly bonuses come out so I could quit accordingly,” a third alleged.

Other users offered their own advice.

“Just make sure it’s after they process payroll. Not that they should take it away from you,” a commenter advised.

Still, some users said doing this was not possible in their jobs.

“Must be nice! My current company doesn’t do raises and bonuses until March and it ain’t lookin too good this year,” a user wrote.

“Sameeee my company stock vests and my bonus is in march,” a second replied. “Three more months sis we got this.”

For those concerned about Antrell’s work future, he has positive news: according to a comment, he’s already found new employment.

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