Mcdonald’s Is Testing A Fully-Automated Location With No Human Contact

A test location for a fully-automated McDonald’s location in Fort Worth, Texas has drawn a variety of reactions from viewers after being shared to TikTok by a food blog.

Posted by user @foodiemunster, the video shows a new McDonald’s location that uses automated food ordering and a cashless payment system, with employees in the kitchen cooking the orders. According to The Street, the location is about half the size of a regular McDonald’s location and has no area for indoor dining.

Some viewers love the idea, with many complaining about the attitude of employees when they do go to order at the counter.

“Finally, my order will be quick and accurate,” one commenter wrote.

“Awesome,” another commenter wrote. “No more attitude at the counter.”

“Well the people that work there act like they don’t wanna be there,” a commenter wrote. “This solves that problem!”

Others wrote that they would much rather keep their McDonald’s locations the same, noting that they enjoy seeing people behind the counter and talking with them to place their orders.

“No thanks,” one commenter wrote. “I love the people that work there. I want to hear voices and see faces. I want to see smiles at both windows!”

“Nobody realizing what this will do to the job market once every company implements this?” another commenter wrote.

“McDonald’s is such a great first job for teens tho,” a commenter wrote. “I know y’all lying if you think they short-staffed.”

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