‘When Retail Is Somehow Less Stressful Than Education’: Former Teacher Now Works For Costco, Says ‘Everything Is Better’

A former teacher who now works at Costco says she doesn’t even miss having a winter break because working retail has made her life better than when she was teaching.

The Costco worker, also known as Millennial Ms. Frizzle online (@millennialmsfrizz), posted a TikTok video Saturday explaining how her work life has improved. In the video, she says 2022 is her first year ever without having a winter break, but she feels “great.” She had to work seven days in a row, including Christmas Eve, but she doesn’t seem upset about it.

As a teacher, she was “just surviving every moment,” @millenialmsfrizz says. By the time she made it through the fall semester to Christmas break, she would be so exhausted that she became “literally sick,” she adds.

“So yeah, feels pretty good to not be a teacher at this time,” the TikToker says, all smiles, in her video.

The Costco employee says she has been working retail throughout the season, and it has improved her energy levels.

“Everything is better,” she says in the video. “I can’t believe that I ever felt so limited, that I ever thought I couldn’t do something else. I am better now than I have been in my livable memory.”

In the video’s caption, the TikToker adds, “My pace of my work life now is so much better, I am not sick or exhausted like I used to be when I was a teacher. When I was a teacher I used my winter break basically to recover and go into the next semester of just surviving.”

As of Monday, the video had racked up two million views on TikTok. Several viewers deplored how difficult and draining can be for teachers.

“When retail is somehow less stressful than education our future generations…..what a world we live in,” one viewer commented.

“I wish teaching would be more appealing. It’s such an important job, but teachers are not paid enough or taken care of,” another user shared.

Other former teachers commented that they had also left the occupation to seek out less stressful work. Some explained what it feels like to be a teacher.

“I’m a HS math teacher and I compare teaching like being in an abusive marriage you’re scared to leave,” one user said.

“I’m a teacher. I sleep almost all of breaks. Then I feel sad that I didn’t do anything else. It’s a vicious cycle,” a second wrote.

A third commented, “After 10 years as a teacher, I am now an administrative assistant. No more panic [sic] attack, when i finish my day, I have energy for my family.”

“I said to my husband I don’t need the downtime that I used to need as a teacher. I’m not burnt out!” a fourth said. In reply to that comment, the creator wrote, “I feel exactly the same.”

Some viewers noted that working at Costco is not an easy job either, illustrating how difficult teaching must be for some.

“The week before Christmas is usually insane at Costco! So this says a LOT about how teaching compares,” one such viewer commented. The creator wrote in reply, “And our location has only been open for 8 weeks, so it’s been extra crowded. And I work in membership! So yeah…”

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