‘Hey Y’all So Everybody Fired’: Manager Fires Entire Restaurant Staff Via Group Text Message

A restaurant worker and TikToker has gone viral after claiming they were informed that they, along with the rest of the staff, were fired over text message.

In a video with over 555,000 views, TikTok user Allison (@allysueloohoo) shows a screenshot of the message in question.

The text reads, “Hey y’all so everybody fired I’m not gonna beat around the bush with y’all. So if [you’re] scheduled tonight or this week at all yeah we’re done the restaurant as a whole is done [redacted] grille is no longer a thing.”

Allison claims in the text overlaying her video that this information came from a manager while clarifying in comments that the text message visible in the TikTok is from a fellow server.

“Disappointed but not surprised during Christmas too wtf,” she writes in the caption.

Daily Dot verified that Allison’s place of work closed earlier this week with announced plans to re-brand and open again in the new year. It is unclear if any of the recently-fired staff will be invited to this new endeavor.

Commenters on TikTok were sympathetic to Allison’s plight, with many users sharing their own stories of surprise firings.

“At least you got a heads up,” said one user. “i went in to open my store one day and there were chains on the door lmao.”

“Last month my restaurant let us fully open and serve people for 3 hours before kicking us all out for permanent closure,” claimed a second.

“We found out when it was in the news paper… the owners didn’t tell anyone,” alleged a third.

“I found out that the restaurant i worked at closed via an instagram post,” recalled a further TikToker. “i was supposed to work that day…”

“My boss just stopped scheduling us and one day i went to the mall and it was a different store,” stated an additional user.

Allison claimed in comments that the visible messages were the extent of the information she had about her firing at the time.

“Literally that text is all I got,” she explained in a comment.

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