Fashion Designer Mom Gets A Lot Of Online Hate For Putting Tattoos On Her 1-Year-Old Son

This video shared by Truly on YouTube gives you a glimpse at an interesting side to parenting that you don’t often see, as fashion designer and tattoo enthusiast Shamekia went viral on social media after posting photos of her 1-year-old baby covered in tattoos.
“My family was very upset. I get a lot of backlash. People say I’m raising him as a gangster [or] a thug. They’re not used to seeing a baby with tattoos,” Shamekia explains.

Shamekia and her son, Treylin, are living in West Palm Beach, Florida. Baby Treylin, also known as NuggetWorld561 to his 1.5 million TikTok followers, got his first temporary tattoo at just 6 months old.

This family’s indulgent lifestyle doesn’t just stop there, as Shamekia shares that little Treylin has quite an extensive closet and over 150 pairs of sneakers. Getting Treylin dressed in the morning is a whole process, as Shamekia needs to think about everything from clothing down to accessories, including big chains.

“I think Treylin loves dressing up,” Shamekia explains. She notes that as soon as Treylin gets a look at himself in the mirror all dressed up in a cute outfit, he starts dancing and bopping around like he’s having a great time.

When Shamekia was 8 months pregnant with Treylin, she did a maternity photo shoot with her brothers that received a lot of negative attention online. She found herself feeling hurt by a lot of the comments, but in the end, especially after sharing Treylin’s journey with temporary tattoos, she sees it as a mostly positive experience.

To hear what Shamekia’s family and friends think of her and Treylin's online journey with tattoos, check out the video posted by Truly.

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