‘We Got Billed For It’: Dunkin’ Worker Plays ‘explosion Prank’ On Manager—It Backfired

A Dunkin’ Donuts worker tried out TikTok’s viral “explosion prank” trend on his manager — but the prank ended up backfiring on himself.

The worker posted his version of the explosion prank on TikTok, where it garnered nearly 400,000 views as of Thursday.

The explosion prank is a trend where social media users use a filter on Instagram or TikTok to simulate an explosion in their videos. Many TikTokers add the visual effect after putting a dish wrapped in aluminum foil in the microwave or getting an electrical outlet wet before plugging something into it. Then, they send the video to their unsuspecting mother, grandmother, or in this case, manager.

The hashtag #explosionprank has 97.5 million views on TikTok as of Thursday.

In user @lifebyronnoc’s video, the TikToker pretends a coffee machine at Dunkin’ isn’t working. When he goes to unplug the machine, he adds the explosion filter, pretending that the restaurant blew up.

The TikToker shares a screenshot of his text messages with his manager Ravi, showing that he sent Ravi the video. His manager replies, “On my way.” Later in the video, the TikToker shows several emergency vehicles pulled up outside the Dunkin’ store.

“It backfired, we got billed for it,” the video’s caption says. The TikToker doesn’t specify the amount he was billed.

Several viewers cracked jokes about the manager’s reaction to the prank, but others noted that taking the situation seriously was a sign of care for his co-workers.

“Aww at least the manager cares for the employees,” one viewer commented.

“Bro thought his employees were dead,” a second wrote.

“Least that manager cares about his workers… or his property at least lol,” another stated.

Some viewers defended the manager, saying he had no way of knowing he was being pranked.

“Bruh what did y’all expect make them think the place exploded,” one user asked.

In reply, @lifebyronnoc wrote, “We just thought he’d show up scared and we could tell him it was a joke not him come flying in with 5 fire trucks.”

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