Elon Musk Calls Greta Thunberg 'Cool' After Andrew Tate Own

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Elon Musk has recently shared his thoughts on 19-year-old Greta Thunberg following the arrest of the notorious social media personality, Andrew Tate.

The 51-year-old took to Twitter to weigh in on what he thinks of the teenage climate activist after a heated exchange on the platform was followed by Tate and his brother, Tristan, being arrested by Romanian authorities the next day.

It all started when the 36-year-old tweeted Thunberg on Wednesday (December 28) to discuss his many motor vehicles.

"I have 33 cars," Tate began, before listing the specifications for his Bugatti and Ferraris. "This is just the start. Please provide your email address so I can send a complete list of my car collection and their respective enormous emissions."
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Thunberg responded to the tweet with her own savage response writing: "Yes, please do enlighten me. email me at smalld***energy@getalife.com."

Tate then upped the ante and posted a two-minute clip in which he tried to convince his followers that the 19-year-old had now managed to shake him. In the video, he was handed a pizza box from Jerry's Pizza - which many people believed led to Tate's arrest, but this rumor has been denied by authorities.

Now, just a few days on, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has expressed his opinion on the climate warrior - and it seems as though he's joining the Thunberg fanbase.

On Friday (30 December), Musk replied to a satirical article posted by Christian-led outlet The Babylon Bee, which boasted the headline: "New Greta Thunberg Thermostat Scowls At You When You Turn The heat Up."

But Musk made it clear that he has respect for the young activist, replying: "The sheer amount of brand awareness achieved by Greta within a few years is astounding. I think she’s cool tbh."

"Cool" might be a slight understatement, especially after recent events.

Following Tate's initial arrest on Thursday, Romania's Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism, also known as DIICOT, released a statement in which they stated that both brothers were arrested on charges related to human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized criminal group.

"The prosecutors of the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism - Central Structure together with police officers from the Bucharest Organized Crime Brigade implemented five home search warrants in a case in which investigations under the aspect of committing the crimes of constituting an organized criminal group, human trafficking, and rape," they wrote in the statement.

They also went on to describe the details of the crime, saying that their victims were "transported and housed in buildings in Ilfov county where, by exercising acts of physical violence and mental coercion (through intimidation, constant surveillance, control, and invoking alleged debts), they were sexually exploited by group members by forcing them to perform pornographic demonstrations for the purpose of producing and disseminating material through social media platforms [...] and by submitting to the execution of forced labor."

It has also been reported that Tate will be held in Romanian custody for 30 days following his arrest on Thursday night.

Tate's lawyer, Eugene Constantin Vidineac, denounced the decision, slamming it as "drastic."

"From our perspective, there are no grounds for taking this most drastic preventive measure," he told reporters. "But it is the judge’s prerogative."

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