Elon Musk 'booed Continuously For 5 Minutes' During Dave Chappelle Show

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It seems as though Dave Chappelle fans aren't too fond of Elon Musk as he received a pretty hostile reception the comedian's recent show in California show.

During a stand-up gig in San Francisco on Sunday (December 11), the 49-year-old comedian invited the Telsa CEO up onto the stage with him - seemingly hoping to delight those in attendance. However, it seems as though there weren't any Musk fans in the building that night - and even if there were, any cheering was quickly drowned out.

A video of the awkward moment showed Chappelle introducing "the richest man in the world" before a chorus of boos rang out through California's Chase Center stadium, per TMZ.

And it seems as though they really weren't fond of him as they continued booing him for what one audience member described as a whole five minutes.


Watch the clip below:

Chappelle tried his best to throw a few jokes out there to try and get things going, but the crowd didn't respond to the diversion tactic as the booing continued to echo through the venue.

"It sounds like some of them people you fired are in the audience," the comedian joked.

He also added that the people that were booing were just unhappy with their seats, which again, didn't help smoothen out the situation.

Describing them as a "tough crowd", Chapelle tried one more time to make it easier for Musk to say something, but his joke about cutting the billionaire some slack because he's "not even trying to die on Earth" fell on deaf ears as unforgiving members of the audience continued their taunting.
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Scale AI CEO Alexandr Wang, who tweeted that he was there at the show, wrote: "@elonmusk just came onstage with Dave Chappelle at Chase Center

"Elon was booed continuously for 5 minutes

Finally, he asks Dave Chappelle to get on Twitter. SF is most definitely back!"

After seeing the video online, fans online applauded the crowd's reaction.

"Good [...] F*** that walking talking piece of excrement," commented one user.

"Why did Dave Chappelle think bringing Elon Musk onstage was a good idea? Who thought it made sense to bring up arguably a Top-3 polarizing figure these days in the middle of your comedy act? I like Chappelle and his edge, but this was a head-scratcher," added another.

A third echoed the same opinion: "Lost some respect of Chapelle. I don't understand why he even brought Elon on stage."

"Gonna watch this randomly throughout the day. It just makes me so damn happy," another social media user said.

Musk might as well add this to the list of things that seem to be going downhill for him ever since he officially bought Twitter back in October.

The South-African entrepreneur's credibility has taken a massive hit amid everything going on with the social media platform. From mass firings, to ignorant tweets, it seems as though Musk won't be winning the fan vote any time soon.

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