‘We Get Fired If We Eat Them’: Dunkin’ Worker Says They Have To Throw Away $100 Of Donuts At The End Of The Night

Two Dunkin’ Donuts employees are exposing food waste at the donut and coffee shop to consumers in a now-viral TikTok, where more than 13,000 viewers have shared their thoughts on the dumping of donuts made that day despite being fine to eat.

In the video that has been viewed more than 12.3 million times, user @korrbs shows Dunkin’ employees throwing away what they say is about $100 worth of donuts. It is unclear if they are one of the employees shown in the video.

“When we’re required to throw out $100 worth of donuts but get fired if we eat them,” a text overlay on the video reads.

Multiple commenters said they worked at Dunkin’ locations where their managers encouraged them to take home excess donuts rather than throw them away.

“I work at Dunkin and our boss actually encourages us to take home donuts that don’t sell,” one commenter wrote.

“It just depends where u work, [most] of them let u take them home free,” another user stated.

“My shift leader would always let me take what I wanted home,” a third claimed. “My siblings loved when I worked nights at dd.”

Others suggested the excess baked goods might be able to be donated or otherwise given away to avoid being thrown in the trash.

“Just makes no sense to waste food if its still safe to consume just not up for sale anymore,” one commenter wrote.

“Why they don’t give it to poor people or in a charity, this is so sad,” another suggested.

“You should check out the app too good to go and see if your managers would considering joining that!” a third added.

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