‘When Was Somebody Gonna Say That?’: New Worker Says Employer Didn’t Tell Her About Dress Code Until She Showed Up The First Day

It’s common practice for most workplaces to have some kind of dress code, but for new employees, it’s expected that they’d be told in advance ahead of their first day.

However, one new worker was allegedly blindsided when they were told they committed a number of dress code violations on their first day — despite not being told about any of these issues prior to starting and having the same appearance in her interview for the job.

The employee, who posts under the TikTok handle @brokeassfemale, shared her experience in a TikTok that at the time of writing has amassed over 750,000 views.

Gesturing to her dyed hair, nose piercings, and nail polish, she says in the clip, “I showed up to my job interview looking just like this, and they offered me the job.”

She further explains that since she got the job offer a few weeks ago, she’d been communicating with her new workplace via email, but claims that when she attended her first day today, she was “pulled into a corner” and told that she would have to cover up her hair because it violates the dress code.

The TikToker adds that they were also informed at this moment that her face piercings and nail polish were also flagged as dress code violations, but says she pointed out that they didn’t tell her this prior to her first day.

“So you’re basically telling me the way I showed up at the interview, ‘Nah you can’t work a job like that?'” she said. “Ya’ll can keep [the job].”

Although some viewers argued that this was a standard policy in most places, the TikToker pointed out in a comment that they weren’t complaining about the policy in and of itself — just the fact that they didn’t tell her about it.

“Nobody arguing about they petty policies,” she wrote, while another commenter added, “A lot of y’all need to work on listening comprehension. She got hired as is and they waited weeks to tell her it was a problem, shame on them.”

Other users suggested the situation could constitute a lawsuit, with one user pointing out that “hair discrimination is a real thing,” while another added, “People saying most professional jobs have this rule, I’ve never had a job have a problem with my colorful hair.”

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