Dr. Phil Fully Gets His Wife After Secretly Booking Their Son As His Show's Musical Guest

In February 2016, Dr. Phil pulled off the most incredible surprise for Robin, his beloved wife. She had no idea a secret guest was waiting backstage.
“My wife, Robin, is always the one who surprises me, but today, I’m finally getting her!” Dr. Phil told his audience, while she sat in the seats, totally confused.

As his Valentine’s Day gift to Robin, Phil talked to her favorite artist from her No. 1 favorite band of all time — and convinced them to make an impromptu appearance on the show, just for her.

To Robin’s shock and amazement, she looked over to see their grown son Jordan and his band Hundred Handed ready to perform their single, “Doctor.” The band was also accompanied on vocals by Jordan’s girlfriend, Marissa Jack, a rising musician known as Kato.

Robin was absolutely stunned; not only was Jordan there, but he also dedicated his original song to her. Judging from her emotional reaction, she couldn't have been prouder or more caught off-guard by her husband's thoughtful gift.

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