‘Whoever You Are, You Stole From The Wrong One’: Customer Is Getting Payback On Doordash Driver Who Allegedly Took Her $129 P.f. Chang’s Order

A TikToker’s claim that she had $129 worth of P.F. Chang’s stolen by a DoorDash delivery driver has taken a turn—right to the police station.

While other DoorDash customers would have been content with getting a refund, Nashville-based beauty and lifestyle influencer Felicia Hockensmith (@happilyhockensmith) took it one step further to ensure the driver could not take anything from anyone else.

“Whoever you are, you stole from the wrong one,” she said in the video. “$129 worth of food, y’all, from P.F. Chang’s. It’s not about the money, it’s the principle. I knew I was going to get my money back, so I wasn’t worried about that.”

Hockensmith said she made plans to file a police report after speaking with a member of DoorDash’s customer service team, as the tone of the conversation changed entirely when she mentioned getting the police involved.

“When I was on the phone with DoorDash. They were super nice and stuff, but I told them, ‘I should take my tail down to the police station and file a police report,'” she recalled. “Y’all, when I said that the conversation completely changed.”

She then addressed the driver.

“I’m going to the police station tomorrow. Imma find out who you are. I’m going to make sure you don’t steal from nobody else,” she said.

Hockensmith’s video amassed 225,000 views in under a day. It is unclear if she followed through with filing a police report. She has yet to provide viewers with an update on the incident. However, she seems displeased with DoorDash’s response as she captioned the video: “@doordash I’m still waiting on my phone call back!”

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