‘John’s A** Done Got Me Everything But The Sh*t I Need To Make Nachos’: Woman Says She Understands Why ‘women Do Not Like’ Male Shoppers After Doordash Grocery Fail

Joining the ranks of several delivery customers who claim men just can’t get the job done correctly, one TikToker went viral after documenting how a male DoorDash shopper failed to provide the chips, cheese, and ground turkey she requested to make nachos.

The DoorDash customer, Houston-based creator Sonja Norwood, shared her experience to her @wickdconfections TikTok account, run by Houston-based creator Sonja Norwood, where it has received more than 45,000 views in its first 24 hours on the platform. In the clip, Norwood rails against a male DoorDasher named John, against a greenscreen of her DoorDash grocery order, showing the three crucial nacho ingredients among four refunded items in her cart.

Norwood explained in a phone interview with the Daily Dot that she was visiting her sister in Upper Marlboro, Md., delayed beyond her planned visit because of a canceled Southwest Airlines flight. So, on Tuesday, without a car and with a hankering for nachos, she pulled up DoorDash “out of necessity” and dispatched a shopper to a local Safeway in a quest for the ingredients.

“I was irritated because, like, you could see the vision,” Norwood said of her nacho-centric grocery order. “You could see what I was trying to do. It was quite obvious.”

“He left out all the main ingredients,” she added. “What am I supposed to do?”

Recalling a recent TikTok where a creator merged a fake crying sound with the caption “When you find out your DoorDasher is a man,” she went to work right away to create the video chronicling her experience.

“I’m disgusted,” her soliloquy begins in the clip. “I’m thoroughly disgusted. Now, I see why women do not like male DoorDashers.”

She explains, “Because … I’m trying to make nachos. Look at this,” with the video’s background then shifting to more clearly show the four refused items.

“John’s ass done got me everything but the shit I need to make nachos,” she exclaims. “You will count your motherfuckin’ days, John! You will count them!”

She then lists his failings, observing, “No ground turkey. No Velveeta. No Tostitos. Just a can of Rotel and some sour cream. What am I going to do with that, John?”

The refunded list also included an eight-ounce bag of Betty Crocker Mickey & Friends Fruit Gummies, presumably not on the nachos ingredient list, but also unsecured by John on the fated shopping trip.

“Count your motherfuckin’ days,” she concludes.

Commenters weighed in supportively, with one asserting that a “female shopper would’ve given you 17 options for the ground turkey and never left w/o some kind of tortilla chip!”

Several other commenters weighed in, shocked that the shopper couldn’t have found a chip alternative among the other selections.

It wasn’t just DoorDash that caught heat. Several other commenters recounted their frustrations with past Instacart orders. One recalled, “I got a male with Instacart and I asked for sugar-free Gatorade when I was sick.”

She went on to reveal that the shopper instead produced “full-sugar Powerade” without asking for substitutes, prompting the TikToker to respond, “They don’t care.”

According to a DoorDash customer service article, responding in Q&A format to the “What happens if the store doesn’t have an item I requested?” query, the company stated “We will do our best to deliver all the items you’ve requested. If we can’t find an item or the store is out of stock, you will receive a refund for any missing items.”

Another article on the DoorDash site points out, “Customers have the option to add a substitution preference when placing an order. If there is an unavailable item, you may contact DoorDash Support for assistance.”

But commenters seemed to believe that the Dasher just didn’t try hard enough.

“They know damn well they had it but bet he couldn’t see it smh,” one observed.

That prompted the TikToker to reply, “He knows they had it! These are not rare or luxury items!”

While no one in the early round of comments jumped to the defense of male DoorDashers, one commenter offered that her boyfriend does DoorDash on the side, and she’s “trained” him to “know what to replace with what.”

Norwood exulted, “We appreciate you! You are doing the Lord’s work!”

And, thanks to her sister arriving with a car shortly after the order arrived, Norwood was able to go out and gather the necessary ingredients to satisfy her nachos craving.

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