‘It Was Like Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’: DoorDash Driver Says Customer Gave Him ‘The Weirdest’ Tip Ever

Humans have been using gold to pay for goods and services for millennia. It’s widely considered among the most reliable forms of currency.

TikToker Luis Navarro (@itsluisnavarro) was stoked to discover that a DoorDash customer recently tipped him with the precious metal.

“I just got probably the weirdest DoorDash tip I’ve ever gotten. I got a Jack in the Box order, it was really good, actually it was 13 bucks for only two miles…. I pull up to the house, and then the dude comes out and I’m just like, here’s your food right. And he’s like, ‘Hold up I […] got something for you,'” Navarro said.

“He starts reaching in his pocket. I’m like, damn I’m about to get shot or something, I should walk away from this situation. But no, he pulls out this little like card looking thing and I’m just like what the fuck is this… At first I thought it was a debit card cut in half or like a gift card cut in half, that’s what I thought it was. But he pulls this out.”

Navarro held up a little card with a small rectangle cutout in the middle through which a gold coin can be seen.

He continued, “I’m like, what the fuck is this shit, and he’s like, ‘It’s gold.'”

“And immediately my heart starts racing. I’m like, no fucking way dude.”

“…I was freaking out bro. It was like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory running to my car, you know how he’s running in the movie? That’s how I was running to my car.”

Navarro turned the camera towards the piece of gold, revealing its weight and other details.

“It’s a third gram of gold bro,” he said. “…That shit was lit. It was a cool ass Christmas present.”

According to GoldGramBars, a gram is currently worth $58, bringing his gratuity to roughly $20.

Others shared their own unconventional tipping stories in the comments. One wrote, “Best tip I got was an ounce.” Another said, “I got tipped one cent one time, no joke.”

Many described receiving extremely generous tips for deliveries. One said a customer tipped them $40; another said that a customer tipped $20 and that “the tip was more than the food itself.”

Throngs of TikTokers encouraged Navarro to hold onto the gold because it is likely to go up in value, even if talk of the United States being headed for a recession is true.

“Keep it. That is the only tip that will increase in value,” said one.

Investopedia states that while it can be difficult to profit off gold in the short term, it is a very secure long term investment that traditionally holds its value.

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