‘I Can’t Believe People Don’t Tip’: Domino’s Worker Shares How Much She Makes In Tips Throughout Night

A user on TikTok has gone viral after showing how much money they earn in tips as a driver for Domino’s.

In a video with over 750,000 views, the driver, Allison (@allison_green0), shares a typical night of tipped earnings.

Over the course of 11 orders, she received $13 in cash tips and $42.29 in credit card tips, not counting her reimbursement for gas. This averages to a tip of $5.03 per delivery, though many deliveries varied in terms of the actual order cost.

“It’s not terrible for a Monday, but it could be better,” she says with a smile. “But it’s not terrible!”

In the comment section, many users expressed surprise about the number of customers who did not leave Allison a tip.

“I don’t understand how people can be ok with not tipping,” wrote one user.

“If I can’t tip the bill or so very close to it, then I’m not going out to eat or ordering in,” claimed another. “TIP YOUR DELIVERY DRIVERS AND SERVERS!!!!!!”

“The way I would be absolutely mortified to not tip a delivery driver,” stated a third.

In the comment section, Allison shared her positive attitude toward her work, adding that she is happy with her work and appreciates the tips she receives.

“…my hourly is 10$ which I know isn’t the best but my tips and gas reimbursement make up for it. And my paycheck doesn’t ever look [too] bad,” she wrote. In another comment, she added, “…thank you to those who are willing to [tip] I very much appreciate it.”

Commenters praised Allison’s warm spirit throughout the video.

“I absolutely love your positive attitude! I was a server/bartender for a long time and have a special place in my heart for people who work on tips,” said a user.

“Love your energy. Never change!! It’s going to serve you well in life,” offered a second.

“Your positive attitude is unmatched,” summarized a further TikToker.

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