Domino’s Customer Says He Spent $35 On Pizza. All The Pepperonis Fell Off It When He Picked It Up

A Domino’s customer said all the pepperonis fell off the pizza that he spent $35 on— but some viewers said that’s on him for paying so much at Domino’s.

TikToker Justin (@justinchopelas) recorded the pizza in a video that racked up more than 400,000 views as of Tuesday. In the video, he lifted the pizza up by the side, and all the pepperonis fell off and clattered into the pizza box.

“$35 at Domino’s, and this is what I get: a cheese pizza,” Justin said in the video.

In the caption, he added, “I can’t make this up! They told me from now on you come pick up the pizza. They delivered the wrong people food and came back with this.”

Although Justin was upset at the state of his pizza, most viewers lacked any sympathy. Several commented that he should have taken advantage of Domino’s mix-and-match deal, which allows customers to choose any two or more of certain menu items for $6.99 each.

“Bro that’s on you for not using the 7.99 deal,” one viewer commented.

“if you really paid $35 you deserve that,” a second said.

“35 dollars at DOMINOS? Cap,” a third wrote.

Others couldn’t believe the condition of the pizza.

“The way my jaw dropped,” one user said.

“Somebody call the president,” another wrote.

Justin posted a follow-up video on Tuesday to address the skepticism. In the video, he insisted that he paid $35 for two pizzas and an order of garlic knots.

In the clip, Justin said that he and his fiancee waited 50 minutes and received the wrong order. After the delivery driver took the wrong order back to the Domino’s location, Justin called the store to request that their order be hot when it was re-delivered. Twenty minutes later, the driver delivered the correct order, but one of the pizzas and the garlic knots were just “barely warm.”

The other pizza, which was shown in the original video, was “super cold,” Justin said. “It was stale, and they just threw toppings on top and recooked it.”

He said he called the store again to express his annoyance, but a worker told him he needed to come to the store to pick up his orders himself from now on. At that, he said he “lost it,” but they eventually got their order remade and re-delivered again.

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